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Versatility and determination are the words that mainly represent Actionmovie

Founded in 2005 by Marco Orbassano, the company was born from the union of two passions: photography and sport , which over the years have led it to develop and become a true reference point for video production.

Starting from photography, we have entered the world of video productions with our sports shooting, thanks to the use of special equipment such as “RotoR Mount”, a system invented by Marco Orbassano, which is also internationally patented.

Today, Actionmovie's field of action has been extended to various areas, ranging from making TV commercials to industrial corporate, promotional and documentaries videos, services for television, film productions and events.

Great passion and perseverance have raised the level of skills and abilities of the company, making it a unique reality. Our strength is that we are a small company but with the requirements of a big company. The wide range of equipment that we possess allows us a high autonomy and thus reducing significantly the costs and rental needs.

We have specialized operators in every discipline, from the sea to the mountains, we shoot our footages with ENAC certified drones, all in full compliance with current European regulations. Our creative and technical team is able to develop and implement any type of project, giving each customer attention, quality and a lot of passion.




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